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The Perfect Time Is Now

Like many people who try and get back into an old hobby or back into a fitness regiment, I asked myself a lot of the same questions “Am I going to be any good at it now?” “Will doing this actually make a difference?” Everyone has these thoughts when trying to step back into an old pursuit. And too often they are the lingering doubts that prevent us from starting or truly dedicating ourselves to going after that old pursuit.

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The Motivation Myth

Whether you choose to believe it or not, you are not an amateur when it comes to your personal health. You may not have the knowledge or the experience, but you are a professional. You have no other choice, not if you want to live long life that is worth living. And this is why we have to be proactively dedicated to this life long endeavor, not reliant on the coming and going of motivation.

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Wednesday Musings: The Number One Reason Why People Fail to Accomplish Their Goals

Which sounds like a mindset that is setting you up for long term success? Which one will carry you to new goals and help you live a fulfilled existence and leave you feeling empowered by your choices? And which sets you up for a life of misery, being at the whim of what must be done? Don’t think about it too hard, there is an obvious answer.

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