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The 5 Best Ways to Be Responsible For Your Health Without a Coach

Now this doesn't have to turn into you becoming the ultimate workout warrior and running 5 miles a day or doing 500 pushups, 500 situps, and 500 crunches. This can be as simple as adding a 10 minute walk several times a week. It could be adding an additional yoga class one day. It could be taking a hike, chasing your kid, literally ANYTHING!

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The Motivation Myth

Whether you choose to believe it or not, you are not an amateur when it comes to your personal health. You may not have the knowledge or the experience, but you are a professional. You have no other choice, not if you want to live long life that is worth living. And this is why we have to be proactively dedicated to this life long endeavor, not reliant on the coming and going of motivation.

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