Taking Action is not always Easy!

Every morning, I wake up and stand at the door to happiness. Most days I walk through. Some days, though, I just am not courageous enough to be happy. Courageous??? Yes, COURAGEOUS! It takes great courage to be happy. I believe this with every ounce of my being and I try to live this every single day. You see, it is quite easy to follow the norm, to do what others do, to eat crappy food, to blow off workouts, to clock into a job you hate, to say dating is a waste of time, to fill your mind with junk on TV. But, how many people who do this are really and truly happy? I think if you look, you would find instead a group of people who are tired, cranky, lonely, sad, overweight, and unfulfilled. Well, when you look at it like that it seems so obvious! Yet, each day, I wake up and I have to ask myself "Becca, are you brave enough to walk through the doorway today? Are you brave enough to live your life DIFFERENT than everyone around you?"

Are you standing right at the doorway of happiness? You know, it takes 20 seconds of courage to do something that can change your life. In 20 seconds, you could..

... make an appointment with a trainer or book a slot in a class ... call your local school and find out about the class you need to do something ... make a lunch date with a long lost friend ... write an email asking your boss for a meeting (then you have to discuss your grievances) ... Sign up for a singles outing, join a dating website, or call and make a date ... call about a job you saw advertised

Every change you make in your life is the result of a decision, a decision that, if you are brave, takes just 20 seconds. I hope you take 20 seconds today to inch your way through the doorway to a happier life! Remember that the best things in life are worth the work :-)