Tarragon Chicken Summer Salad

This is a great meal for the long summer days. Make the chicken salad ahead of time in a larger quantity. This will allow the flavors to combine and for you to have it for lettuce wraps at lunch! See how we use this recipe in a full week of meals HERE!


Chopped or diced chicken

1/4 c chopped sweet onion

1/4 c slivered almonds

1/4 c fresh tarragon, chopped

2 hard boiled eggs

1/4-1/2 c Homemade Mayo

1 lemon

1/4 c olive oil or avocado oil

1 Tbsp dijon mustard

4-5 cups spring mix

1 avocado

1/2 c walnuts, toasted and chopped

7-8 strawberries, sliced


For the Chicken Salad:

Put your shredded or diced chicken into a large glass container. Peel and chop 2 boiled eggs in there. Add about 1/4 C of chopped sweet onion, juice from 1/2 lemon, 1/4 C chopped fresh Tarragon, 1/4 tsp salt, a dash of cayenne pepper and 1/4 C slivered almonds. Add homemade mayo to your desired consistency and stir it all together.

For the Summer Salad:

Place the spring mix into a large bowl. Top with diced avocado, toasted walnuts, and sliced strawberries. Combine the juice from 1/2 lemon, 1/4 c olive oil, 1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard, and 1 tsp honey. Shake well. You can drizzle this on the salad and toss to coat or drizzle on each serving.