The HOPE of a New Year!

It's almost a new year. We're so close, I can taste it!

I love the new year.

There is just something about the way it offers up a clean slate. I mean, January 1 is really no different than any other day. It's not magical, the stars don't line up differently, the only real thing of note might be that you have the day off work. But somehow,it still just feels like a day of promise, of hope. And it is, after all, HOPE that anchors the soul.

It's so true that you never really know how anything (good or bad) will turn out in the long run. It reminds me of one of my favorite fables...

     A man and his only son lived a very simple life. They barely scraped by, but they were happy with their small home and one horse, a prized possession. One day, the horse escaped through a broken gate and ran away. All the townspeople came to the man, "Oh you must be so sad! Your one horse, your prized possession is gone!!" The man remained pleasant and calm. "Who knows what the future holds," he replied.
    A few weeks later, the horse reappeared and with him were 20 more wild horses! The man and the son brought all the horses into the corral, fed them, and cared for them. All the townspeople came to the man, "Such good fortune!! You now possess more than any other person in town. You must be so very happy!" The man remained pleasant and calm. "Who knows what the future holds," he replied.
    Some time passed and a storm blew through the town. The horses were frightened and the son was trampled shattering both legs beyond repair. All the townspeople came to the man, "How devastating! You poor unlucky man...What will you do? Your only son..." The man remained pleasant and calm, "Who knows what the future holds," he replied.
    The very next year, the country went to battle and all able bodied young men were sent into a bloody war. Few lived and none from the town returned the same. The father and his son held each other and thanked God.
"You never know what the future holds."

So often, we can get caught up in the little day to day dramas and traumas. We obsess over 5 lbs and stress ourselves out over which flooring to pick for our kitchen. We worry over a comment on Facebook or wonder if we chose just the right school for our child. These worries are real... and they are fleeting. The days and months and years carry on. Each tragedy creates an obstacles that, when overcome, creates a path for promise and hope.
Last January, my uncle took his life. It was unexpected. It was awful and it rocked our family to the core. But in the end, it created questions for each of us to ponder about our own lives and how we chose to live them. This unthinkable tragedy opened doors through which we had to look. We were drifting on the waves of ordinary life, not even noticing the blurry details. In an instant, everything came into focus for all of us. For me, I hold my tongue a bit more. I choose silence rather than retort. I pause to evaluate a moment, or just think before I speak. I hug my parents more and make sure to tell my nephews how very special they are to me. I kiss my husband more, just because. My uncle did all of these things.
In the midst of every tragedy, big or small, there is hope and there is grace. And each new year offers a perfect point for change, an opportunity to bring it all back into focus. So, why not re-evaluate? Why not set some goals and strive for greatness this year? After all, you never know what the future holds.

At Haka, we believe that you should first move well, then move often, and finally move with POWER! We believe in a community of imperfect people who want to be better, but know that is not a linear progression. We believe that your goals are yours and no one else’s, and there is nothing wrong with your goals! We believe that you have to step off of the path; even go against the flow. We believe in simplicity. We believe you should want to do your workout (most of the time) and when you don’t you at least want to see “your Tribe” bad enough that you’ll come anyways. We believe in being cheerleaders, in listening, in sharing our lives, in owning our mistakes, in growing. We believe in encouragement. We believe knowledge is powerful, but it is not everything.

We hope you'll join us in 2016. We're changing the world, one little step at a time!