The Other Side of The Line

Sometimes, you have to "draw a line in the sand." You have to step across and know that you'll never be quite the same again. In her book Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin calls this the Lightning Bolt. It's an instance where it just clicks, makes sense, and suddenly it's just so clear that the line has been drawn. This has happened many times in my life. It's happened with big things (longstanding relationships that needed to end), with my diet (one day I just knew how to eat for me and I did it). It's happened with my Faith (just like that, I realized that God was bigger than ANY doubt in my mind) and it's happened with Haka (I thought we were gonna be a workout place but it's become so much more). I've seen this phenomenon happen in clients, too! Recently, my parents visited a Maori Village on their New Zealand vacation. Mom sent me this picture...

IMG_3765This is the Maori cross.

The Maori traditionally worshiped multiple gods and had a very fluid understanding of spirituality, until they didn't. The missionaries came and the line was drawn. The Maori Cross depicts this change with a totem pole appearance at the bottom representing the many pagan beliefs and an unadulterated top of the cross representing the Clean Slate granted to all Christians by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This physical representation of a clean slate stands tall in the village as a daily reminder of renewal and promise. Of all the cool pictures from that trip to New Zealand, this is the only one I remember. I relate to it so well, and I bet you do too.

Man, I screw up ALL THE TIME. A week goes by and I just suck at life Every. Single. Day. My runs are crap or I blow off a workout. I eat what I want on the weekend and it keeps going Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... I'm impatient with Mark. I'm ungrateful. I blow off bedtime prayers and watch Colt eat food he's dropped on the floor a million times (as least he's not hungry, ya know). I beat myself up about the "could haves" and the "should haves" and I lose sight of why any of it even matters. I love this picture because just when I think I couldn't be a bigger failure, I am reminded that the line has been drawn in the sand. The slate is clean! My perfection is not my salvation and it's not even my happiness, for that matter. I tell my clients:

"Don't let perfection be the enemy of the good."

All the screw ups- in your fitness goals, in your marriage, in your parenting, in your Christian walk, in your job, in your finances- can benefit from the reminder that the line is drawn. There is no need to beat yourself up! Just make the course correction  and start on a fresh path knowing the mistakes are behind you... on the other side of the line.