The Real Resolution You Need But Likely Aren't Making.....

This will not be a popular post. It’s ok. I’m a big girl.

I made the agreement with myself years ago, when I opened Haka Fitness, that I would speak truth unabashedly to #MyTribe. I have not strayed from that promise and in the shining hope of this New Year, I will not again. Sometimes, things have to be said. Sometimes, they have to be said over and over and over again until they gain some traction. This is one of those things.

I am this close >< to kicking off the Tribal Life Transformation 2019. (Can I pause to tell you how much awesomer this has gotten over the years and that we have revamped the whole thing and made a web-base so the info is easier to reach and easier to follow and that we’ve streamlined it?) People are pumped to get started. Hell, I am pumped to get started! It feels good to have someone tell you what to do and give you some structure and walk beside you while you stumble through the whole thing. But there are still people on the fence. “What do I have to do?” “Do I have to cook?” “I really am not sure I can dedicate time to that.”


Wait, so you want to be in the best health of your life, but you’re not sure you can dedicate time to it? Or that you can do something that is not super easy for you? You mean you WANT something…… as long as you don’t have to DO something for it.

I see.

Friend, our nation is at a crossroads of a health epidemic that is so incredibly dire that it will bankrupt our nation within a few generations, at best. Cultural norms no longer indicate that a person has to be responsible for doing THE ONE thing that is absolutely essential for your survival. You can now outsource THE VERY THING that is necessary for your health, longevity, and ultimate survival. Today, you can feed yourself and your family without ever lifting a finger, aside from dialing a phone or swiping a card. The very building blocks of your body are being bought and prepared by….. who the hell knows?!?!?

The Real Resolution You Need But Likely Aren’t Making is to Tame the Kitchen Monster.

It's overwhelming. I get it.

But, Learning to cook is THE best thing you can do for yourself. Cooking is the epicenter of what it is to be human. It is what set us apart from every other species on the planet, and it is still what is (or is not) making the biggest imprint on the overall health of Humans. Kitchen skills are disappearing. The power to heal your body is right there in your kitchen. It doesn’t even matter what you are making, as long as you are making food with, you know, ingredients and stuff.

What if this year instead of resolving to lose a set amount of weight or try some crazy diet, you just resolved to slowly gain control of the kitchen? What if you took control and learned a skill that would impact you for a lifetime... and for your kid's lifetime? Cooking at home will have a bigger, longer lasting effect on your health than anything else you ever do... other than to STOP using your phone when you drive...