We Are...

As is usual this time of year, we are getting bombarded with messages pushing us to try some new fitness or diet routine- 7-Day Juice Fasts, Weight loss programs that limit calories and have you looking like a cardio gerbil, Crazy (and often inappropriate) workouts a la Biggest Loser, Shake Drinking programs, Pills, Shots, etc etc. Already today, after at least two write-ups in the newspaper and God knows how many Facebook things, I am receiving forwarded blog posts, emails, texts asking if people should do this, do that, will Haka do something like this?? So, I am writing a stance paper here. I am reminding you what we believe and I am giving you my hopes for your health and your future. At Haka, we believe that you should first move well, then move often, and finally move with POWER! We believe in a community of imperfect people who want to be better, but know that is not a linear progression. We believe that your goals are yours and no one else’s. And there is nothing wrong with your goals! We believe that you have to step off of the path and even go against the flow. We believe in simplicity. We believe you should want to do your workout (most of the time) and when you don’t you at least want to see “your people” bad enough that you’ll come anyways. We believe in being cheerleaders, in listening, in sharing our lives, in owning our mistakes, in growing. We believe in encouragement.  We believe knowledge is powerful, but it is not everything.


I hope you are never drinking a shake of any kind at your child’s birthday party.

I hope when you go on vacation, you find the best quality foods you can afford and ENJOY them!

I hope you realize that from the beginning of time the EARTH has provided all the nutrients we need. Nothing man made is ever better than what is God made.

I hope when your Mom or Dad gets sick, you don’t give some hour cardio session you missed even one tiny thought.

I hope when your brother needs you to watch his kids you realize that a trampoline with little kids is a waaaay better workout than Haka can ever give you. EVER!

I hope when the opportunity comes to workout with positive people that love you fat and skinny shows up, you take it and laugh through the whole thing.

I hope you realize that a perfect body is a myth. God made us all perfectly. Our job is to strive to protect our body and be kind to it.

I hope you realize 7 days of fasting will not fix your emotional eating patterns. Neither will 7 days of juicing.

I hope you don’t feel guilty about eating a banana. Or for making monkey sounds when you do cause it makes the kids laugh.

I hope when the kids are all in bed you never regret pouring a glass of wine with your sweetie and laugh-crying about the terrible experience of trying to feed children halfway decent food at the dinner table.

I hope you know that everything is a process, every step moves you either forward or back, and that no matter if you are moving forward OR back, we want to embrace you in the community of Haka Fitness. To love you as you come, to educate you, and occasionally to kick your ass;-)