What Doesn't Kill You.....

... Might still be making you pretty damn miserable! Tribal life transformationWe launched the Tribal Life Transformation a few weeks ago here at Haka Fitness. 85 people jumped on board ready to change their lives, ready to make some REAL Transformation! Each week during the six week program, we are focusing in on one aspect of health- Nutrition, Stress, Sleep, Enjoyment, Exercise, and Environment. We're on Week 4. Enjoyment. It should be easy, right? In reality, I think it turns out to be the hardest week of all.

I'm not sure where we all got so mixed up. When we talk Nutrition, people are more than happy to take any food that tastes even the slightest bit delicious and throw it out. When we talk Exercise, everyone can't wait to talk about the workout that made them puke or rendered them useless the rest of the day. People are willing to go on a juice fast or wake up at 5 am for a blistering run after sleeping just 3 hours. They'll spend money on things they can't afford, add commitments to things they don't care about, and literally fill every second of their day for..... what? I'm not sure, anymore. I've been on this path. I know exactly how it goes. If it doesn't taste like cardboard, it can't be good for you (low fat cheese, blech!) and if it didn't beat the ever loving hell out of you, it wasn't a good workout. You can always fit in a few more miles, another evening event, and at LEAST fifty seven more commitments.

Except you can't.

Here's the thing, over at Haka, we don't have people with a laziness problem. We don't have people who are weak-willed failures who just can't overcome another food craving or get up with their alarm clock. We've got the opposite. We've got people who are so over-committed, enslaved to the scale, stressed out with perfection, and tied to their devices in the effort to be "busy" and "connected" that they are just one step away from injury, burnout, or sickness. They aren't lazy and weak-willed. They are tired, stressed, and undernourished, both physically and emotionally. Every person who walks through our doors WANTS to be healthy. I know they do. But, I'm here to tell you that if it sucks, if it tastes bad and it destroys you physically, you're doing more harm than good. Take a step back and consider where the JOY is in your life. Maybe all those calories your shoving in your face are an attempt to fill a void that they never will. Maybe your pursuit for perfection, though noble, is the very thing standing in the way of optimum health.

Listen, I don't have it figured out. That's for sure! But, I'm thinking about it; I'm open to change. I understand that the messages I've been receiving about how I should look and how hard I should work--- maybe, I've taken those a bit far at times. At the Haka House, things are moving a bit slower these days. We're shutting off the phones when the gym closes, spending more time just wondering around the yard, going for a walk when a run seems insurmountable.... they're little things.

And I like the change :-)