We offer different types of memberships with a flexible schedule to ensure you are able to get the level of personalized attention you desire at a time that is convenient for you!

Haka Training

Haka Training is our large group class that is capped at 12 participants. A mixture of traditional strength training, metabolic conditioning, and functional corrective exercise, we ensure every workout gives you a total fitness experience!

1x / week – $69 / Month

2x / week with Autopay – $99 / Month

2x / week – $119 / Month

3x / week with Autopay – $129 / Month

UNLIMITED with Autopay – $149 / Month


Semi Private Membership

Our small group training is perfect for friends who are looking to get a personalized experience or for individuals who like more individualized attention but still desire a group dynamic! Smaller groups allow for a more personalized workout experience that still surrounds you with others trying to accomplish their goals!  

1x / week – $115 / Month

2x / week with Autopay – $200 / Month

2x / week – $215 / Month

3x / week with Autopay – $280 / Month

3x / week – $315 / Month


Private Training

Our private training options are perfect for those who have very specific goals or specifications and desire a one on one training setting. Setting goals with and working one on one with one of our highly trained coaches will allow for you to have the ultimate personalized training experience and achieve unparalleled results!

30 Minute Session - $35 / session

1 Hour Session - $55 / session

Senior Fitness

As the body ages, the needs change. Senior Haka Members can take part in workouts designed specifically for them! Flexibility, balance, and functional movement form the core of every workout in our Senior Fitness Program.

2x / week – $85 / Month
3x / week – $115 / Month


At Haka we believe that a life of balance is key to acheiving your best health. Here is where the practice of yoga enters. Yoga is equal parts mental as it is physical, each class will challenge your body in a unique way while also testing your mental focus. Enter each class with an open mind and heart and leave each class physically refreshed and mentally recharged!

Drop in - $12 / class



Youth Membership

Childhood obesity is one of the fastest growing epidemics in the United States, but not here at Haka Fitness! We provide young men and women with a fun and challenging environment that will help them improve strength, endurance, and coordination while having a great time doing it!

2x / week – $70 / Month