What is Yoga?

We want to welcome everyone to "Yoga" at Hake whether if this is your first class or 1000th class.  Yoga is a practice that invites you to come to the mat to refine breathing, movement, and  alignment in an experience of  patience and grace. Through the Yoga  practice we become empowered to look deeper at all parts of your self. We view yoga as more than a passing fad or traditional workout.  Yoga will tone and strengthen muscles as well as cultivate balance of body, mind and soul.   

To us, yoga is a practice that helps us be our best.  It has helped us recover from injury, alleviate stress, build strength, increase flexibility, and learn how we can move safely in any area of fitness. We will share with you our knowledge about yoga, movement, and running to every call we teach. We want to know our body and we want you to know yours, too. 

We will always be a student and continue to participate in ongoing education and training, so we can share with you more knowledge of Yoga. We are very excited to continue to grow with the Haka Tribe and look forward to sharing the wonderful practice of Yoga with our Lakeland community. 





Tuesday: Intermediate Yoga - 6:00PM

1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month: FREE Beginners Yoga - 5:00AM